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Blister Packaging

Many of the products that we blister pack are pharmaceuticals (including controlled substances), nutraceuticals or food. This requires full compliance to strict FDA, DEA and New York State Board of Pharmacy regulation. Our engineers are often called on to develop a unique package that complies with all the agencies’ regulations while still meeting your goals. This requires an intimate knowledge of both material and configuration properties, as well as the regulations of the various oversight agencies.

Blister Packing Materials

In order to preserve our reputation for fast turnaround and lower cost, we maintain an extensive inventory of the most popular blister packing material. Our materials inventory includes films and backing material, as well as additional layering materials to meet special requirements like the packaging of hygroscopic products.


If your blister packed product requires the front of the backer foil to be printed with brilliant graphics to draw attention in the marketplace, our lines are designed to accommodate this need while still allowing the contents to be pushed through. If Child resistant backing materials are required, we are able to engineer that into the design as well. In many cases, we only imprint the standard product information, along with lot number and expiration date on the blister backing.

Our engineers can design custom tooling to produce
the best packaging results for your product.