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Pouches have long been the standard for packaging creams, powders, granules, liquids, and even certain solids. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies are often choosing pouches for tablets, capsules and other single dose products. Ruspak has the experience and equipment to meet this new demand. Typical production runs are 50M and 10MM units.

Material and Processes

If long shelf life is one of your goals. We work with a various film manufacturers to identify the right material to ensure the longest shelf life possible. We also partner with a flexographic film printer to produce vibrant packaging to set your product apart in the marketplace.

Our core pouching equipment consists of variations of Bartelt filling lines.
• Horizontal Bartelt pouch machines for powders and granules
• Vertical Circle pouch machines for liquids, lotions and ointments
• Powder vacuum lifters


The most popular tooling configurations are available.  However, If a special design is required, our engineers design all of our tooling in house, so we are able to quickly adapt to your specific needs.   

If a packaging match is required, we can reverse engineer your existing package to find the exact material match.

Pouch Designs

• Standard pouches

• Zipper with user-friendly notch

• Stand-up

• Gusseted

• Custom shapes