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Overwrapping is an economical method for packaging several different items together, such as when you need to include an instruction sheet or coupon with a product. Overwrapping is so convenient for your retail products and promotional purposes that we dedicate multiple horizontal form fill and seal lines to this process.

Overwrapping for Retail Products

Overwrapping is versatile, economical packaging for retail products as variable as anything from gum to pens, including items large and small. We can include hanger holes, easy-open strips, and lot or batch numbering for each package.

Overwrapping for Promotional Items

Overwrapping is especially useful for promotions. We are often asked to design a package so a new product sample can be included with the manufacturer’s current product, or a sample of the new product can be packaged with a coupon. Some manufacturers even use the overwrapped sample to mail directly to potential customers. Overwrapping is often the most economical and efficient option for manufacturers who have to pack instructions or other printed information with their products.

Film Options

There are endless film options for overwrapping, and we can make them work for you. Film may be clear and unprinted, completely printed, or anywhere in between. We can use cellophane, polyester or laminations, including foil laminations for moisture barriers. Let’s talk about what you need or would like to use.